First United Baptist Church, “The Friendly Church on the Corner” was conceived by a small group of people on New Years Eve, December 31, 1874.

Five people met in the home of Mr. and Mrs. W.S. Blanchard for a social prayer meeting. After several other meetings, a tiny congregation was formed and the church was founded on October 18th, 1875. They then decided to call a part-time minister to help establish the Baptist work in New Glasgow. That position was filled by Rev. David Freeman.

The work continued and saw both advances and setbacks. On February 20, 1896, merely days after opening doors to a newly refurbished building, disaster struck First Baptist. Fire had completely destroyed the building. The setback was staggering for the small congregation. The people worked hard to erect a new building over the following year, and it was formally opened on February 11, 1897.

A well-laid out history of First United Baptist Church has been written by James S. Smith, entitled The Friendly Church on the Corner. He gives detailed information on records of members and leadership. He shares much about the congregation as well. At times it has been a growing, vibrant congregation, while at other times it has been small and struggling but never losing its sense of vibrance for the Lord.


Over the past number of years the church has been on a growth upswing. Much of this is due to the warmth and friendliness of the fellowship itself. They have been very successful in presenting themselves as an “open arms” type of church. First United Baptist Church has become a unique blend of worship styles for all ages. Every effort is taken to be sensitive to the worship needs of all who attend its worship services.

If you would like to know more about the history of First United Baptist Church, the book, The Friendly Church on the Corner is available in the church library.

In January 2008, the congregation of First United Baptist Church moved it’s property from the corner of James of Forbes to East River Road in New Glasgow.

In 2017, First Baptist celebrated it’s 143rd Anniversary. God has been faithful and through caring, sharing, and prayer First Baptist is still following the vision to reach the people of Pictou County and beyond with the love of Jesus Christ.