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Spiritual support circles

The goal of these circles is to grow us in faith and community so we can be effective in our witness for Christ. Everyone has been placed in a circle and will be invited to join a Spiritual Support Circle gathering for Prayer and Sharing. At the Gathering we will Share lessons for life from the Bible readings (Ephesians this fall), share life blessings and challenges and spend time praying for each other and others. We will learn more about the witness side of these Circles as they become established. Those who choose not to be active will still be part of the circle and be prayed for by those who attending the Gathering. The invitation is always open.

Circle A - Thursdays 9:30AM | New Glasgow

contact - Muriel Palmer

Circle B - Thursdays 7:00pm | new glasgow

contact - Graham & Murielle Greenlaw

Circle C - Tuesdays 1pm | First baptist

contact - Lorne Rogers

Circle D - Wednesdays 6:30pm | First Baptist

contact - John Dunnett

Circle E - Sundays 7pm | springville

contact - Morgan & Sarah MacDonald

Circle F - Tuesdays 6:30pm | lyons brook

Contact - betty doucet